Investment Properties 

Edisto Sunset

Edisto offers extremely unique opportunities for those looking to invest in the Lowcountry real estate market.

As the only beach in the Lowcountry without restrictions on short term rentals, Edisto Beach is a prime spot for those thinking of purchasing homes to serve as income-generating vacation rentals and long-term investments. With year-round tourism and no hotels or large scale rental facilities, and with ordinances preventing future large scale hospitality development, Edisto can be an excellent choice as somewhere to invest in a second home or future retirement home.

Between Edisto Beach and Edisto Island there are an incredibly wide variety of options from beachfront homes to marsh-view cottages to larger plantation-style properties, catering to a range of investment budgets and preferences. Investors can benefit from the island's growing popularity as a vacation destination both for South Carolinians and out-of-state guests, potentially yielding high rental income during the summer months and other peak tourist times. Southern Living listed Edisto as #3 in their "The Best South Carolina Beaches" article in February 2024. 

As one of the last true southern beach towns, there will continue to be steady demand among tourists seeking a peaceful getaway to Edisto Beach and Edisto Island. The Edisto real market presents a promising opportunity for those looking to expand their investment portfolio in a place that promises plenty of relaxation alongside potential returns.